Monday, December 8, 2008

A bit o' home exploring

So for awhile I was starting to get a little nervous about the whole idea of traveling alone. When I finally got back to south Florida I decided to explore my area a little bit on a bicycle. Nothing I saw on the trip was anything new to me but it was different that I was biking it because I would normally just drive past. Plus it was a beautiful day that wasn't too hot. I think taking some time to just bike around for 11 miles and just look at stuff was different enough that I felt good about my choice to go travel alone for bit. I really do just like looking around.

I also found some history along
the way about a popular road.

On a separate note, I finally purchased my one way ticket to Bangkok, Thailand for January 7. This pretty much solidifies me going but at the same time I don't quite believe it yet. In fact I don't think I will until I am off the plane looking for a taxi.