Tuesday, January 6, 2009

One Way Ticket to Bangkok

Yesterday I cancelled my phone, applied for readmission to UNC for the fall, applied for financial aid, found some people to stay with on CouchSurfing.com, and managed to come down with a sore throat. I went to the doctor today and feel a lot better now which is good considering that I leave in a few hours.
On a somewhat side note I highly recommend Traveler's Tool Kit by Rob Sangster. It's a bit dated but I really like the way he writes and his information is general enough to be applied anywhere.
My tentative itinerary is into Bangkok then north and over into Laos, then down Vietnam, maybe into Cambodia, back to Thailand to go to the beaches in the south, head over to Malaysia for a bit, and finally to do some WWOOFing in Sri Lanka. I still am unsure if I am going to Nepal to do the Annapurna trek. 
I have been extremely nervous the past week and only grew excited when I received messages back about people inviting me to sleep on their couch. I guess it's always nice to see how welcoming some people are and to feel a sort of connectedness even though I have yet to meet them and only have travel in common. Even as of now I am not sure if I am looking for something or taking a young mans adventure (coming of age kind of stuff). I do know that foremost I simply want to travel and test myself, hopefully meeting some good people and trying some delicious, though exotic, food along the way.
I'll just scratch this itch and see if it doesn't turn into a disease.


  1. if you make it to vietnam and need a place to stay just send me an email and i'm sure i can help you out. my auntie lethu is there now, and will be for a few months and she would be delighted to help you out and take you around. :]

  2. Oh wow that would be great. What is the nearest city that she is at?

  3. lethu is in saigon, but i also have another aunt in can tho - but that is really into the country [ i wouldn't necessary recommend going there because you'd have a hard time trying to do anything ]. anyhoo e-mail me beforehand so i can place a few phone calls to make sure its okay. i hope you're having a great time.

  4. Hello there!
    You don't know me, but I just put "wwoofing in sri lanka" into google and it came up with your blog. Have you been wwoofing in Sri Lanka yet?? Am thinking about signing up for it but wanted to find out about other peoples experiences for a bit of reassurance :)