Monday, January 12, 2009

Where I'm Typing From

So how to begin... I didn't realize I had to change terminals at one airport so I had to run, but no worries the plane was delayed and I made it okay. I also met two lovely older women, a mother and daughter, who are travelling to a small village and invited me to stay with them. It will be nice because it is an area where no tourists go and I can see a bit of rural Thailand without following everyone. I got a taxi from the airport to my couchsurfing friends place for a decent price. The place I am staying has 6 floors. My room is 100 Baht a night with a communal bathroom; 100 baht is a little more than 3 U.S. dollars. It is a really good price but only if a simple mat is okay with you and you don't mind being in a residential area rather than in the tourist area on the other side of the river. After three nights though I moved to the roof to sleep in a tent for free, more for the experience than the price but that is always nice. The weather has been really nice, not too cold in the evenings.
I got lost looking for chinatown with a really nice Croatian couple and wandered aimlessly in the residential area to see how people live (not too different from us). Just to give you an idea water is about 12or 14 baht for 1.5 liters, which is less than 50 cents. Where I'm staying is being converted into a bar (it was an abandoned brothel) so they had a party with graffiti artist come 
and write on a wall. There were also some drummers that came one night who were really quite good. Well, I'll write more as it comes to me but so far I have simply been relaxing and not rushing which I think will be my mode for the rest of the trip. A bit of planning has been going on in my head and I think that I will go to Kachanaburi on Wed or Thurs then go to the small village a few days later and work my way north. Take care!


  1. wow, that sounds like a great experience. so you had pleasant flights?

  2. so much has happened already
    you're in for a great trip
    I LOVE YOU!!
    love, lil sis :)

  3. So your adventure began at the airport! :)
    Happy to read the post...looking forward to more
    How's the jet lag?
    Have you eaten anything interesting? love,Mom

  4. Yea my flights were fine except for the last one from Hong Kong to Bangkok. I was just feeling funny in the stomach (nerves? no) but when I arrived it was okay. As far as jet lag I don't feel any now and when I first got to the place people were up, 1:00am thai time,so I got into the habit of being on my normal sleep Schedule. It's also a little easier when you travel East to West because it is easier for the body to stay up later rather than go to bed earlier. Not too much interesting to eat yet. Lots of good fruit though.

  5. You beautiful crazy son of a bitch! I miss you already. Please post more pictures, I'm dying to see what everything looks like. Take care man, and don't forget to write.


  6. You should have taken a flip cam or are you recording clips on your camera?

    Either way, I envy your adventures.

    Saw a great anime movie the other day, "Sword of the Stranger" and thought of you. As well as guy ritchie's latest "rocknrolla" - I will watch again when you come back if you have not seen.

    Take care bro.

  7. Yea I'm taking small clips on my camera but haven't put anything online yet. I wanted to see "rocknrolla" but never got the chance so now we can watch it when I get back.

  8. Ah you Globe Trotter this sounds so wonderful. Post more pictures when you get a chance, I'm dying to see more of your adventure