Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Things He Planned to Carry

Well everything is just about in order. Got all my shots, called my bank and credit card company, got all my medications in order. I just need to print out some passport photo's, upload copies of documents, and get some iodine or Silver Ion/Chlorine Dioxide.

This image contains just about everything that I will be taking on my trip. I suppose an itemized list is in order (starting in top left):
- journal with pens (one with a bit of duct tape wrapped around it)
-Gorilla pod
-Chap stick and sunblock
-Rubber bands and Money belt 
-Day pack
-General guidebook 
-Travel pack
-Lock and keys
-3 bandages
-Insect repellent
-Extra batteries (for a total of 8 recharcheables; 2 in camera and 2 in flashlight)
-Bike Lock
-Universal outlet plugs
-Sink stopper and braided clothesline
-Ear plugs
-1 pair of shorts and two shirts
-Harmonica (learn on the road?)
-3 zip lock bags
-Battery charger and mp3 charger with usb cable
-The Pocket Doctor (one never knows)
-Waterproof case for camera (I think I'm going to borrow this a bit longer Eddie)
-Mp3 player
-1 long sleeve shirt, 1 pair of pants, and 1 pair socks (with shoes is the outfit for day of travel)
-3 underwears and 2 socks in packing cube
-Zip lock with anti-malarial, anti-diarrhoea, anti-biotic, ibuprofen, and hand sanitizing wipes
-Toothbrush in a case
-Baby shampoo and shaving oil
-Floss and toothpaste (which I have to put in another container)
-Collapsible water bottle
-Sleep sack 

This brings the weight of my pack to about 14lbs when I have the money belt, watch, belt, camera, mp3 player, and harmonica on me. I'll also have a novel with me that I will probably carry in my hand. I plan to pick up a poncho and a hat when I get there. Any questions or ideas are welcome.


  1. I envy you my friend, yet I wish you good luck as you're about to enter this life-changing experience. Please, try keeping me updated through here or Facebook. Who knows, maybe I'll probably bump into you some day during your adventure.

  2. Bring more ziplocks. I promise you will thank me.

  3. forgot the rubbers man. lol

  4. Did you bring a language book?

  5. There are some phrases in my guidebook for every country. I also am learning some phrases from someone who has lived here for 4 years.