Sunday, January 25, 2009

Two Weeks

It has only been about two weeks that I have been traveling and I have met so many people from around the world. I've discussed politics and the new president with people from Holland, Belgium, France, and England. I've discussed love and travel with a young French man and a Thai guy. I learned about people moving from Ho Chi Min, Vietnam to Nong Khai during the war, from a tuk tuk driver. I've realized that people who travel generally want to have a good time and so it is easy to talk and get to know each other. And even though I have read about the generosity before, nothing compares with experience and it is still suprising for me to meet such generous and helpful people from everywhere. I got a great map of Bangkok from a friend and then passed it on so that another traveler may use it. I got a Thailand guide book (Lonely Planet which everyone, everyone uses) from another friend and I will try to pass that on as well when I leave for Laos in two weeks.

Right now I'm in Lamton which is near Tron which is near Uttaradit which is not in the guidebook at all. Very exciting stuff. In a day or so I will be heading on to Chiang Mai which I think will be really nice and I will be able to go out and ride an elephant and do such things. After this the plan is to visit Pai and on to Nong Khai to cross the border. But plans are always changing so one never knows. I planned to stay in Kanchanaburi for 3-4 days but ended up staying 6.

I've uploaded some photos including
one of a sort of half breed Egg Mcmuffin dumpling style (no not from McDonalds but from a street vendor,by the way McDonalds delivers here). It was quite good.


  1. Do they have light bike racing in Tron? They really should.

    - Spazz

  2. Hey man, don't forget to bring me back some bizarre ass food item. Like maybe spider penis or something? And yes, spiders totally have penis'. Ha! You didn't think I knew that did you? I'm happy for you man. Enjoy it. Get lost. Get found. Get lost again. And always remember to have an open mind *cue gong. You know what I mean.

    Travel well,

  3. Unforunately they only have beach cruiser bikes in tron and a type of truck with benches on the back to pick up farmers. Light bike racing would be awesome.

    I'll keep an eye out for spider penis though I imagine it difficult to spot. Then I'll freeze it and we can have a BBQ when I get back.